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Co-creating a transparent and resilient food system

Are you a chef?

Get direct access to regional produce at competitive prices - directly from the farmer, the fisherman and the harvester.

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Are you a producer?

Get sales channel for your products at higher margins, and access to logistics at competitive prices.
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Dagens levels the playing field for producers and chefs who want to trade on their own terms

Dagens coordinates information among innovative actors along new data driven supply chain, making direct trade of unique produce viable and securing that the biggest profit stays on the farm. At Dagens the price should always reflect the real value of food, which lies in the farmer's work, maintenance of ecosystems & biodiversity, animal welfare, and the taste - of course.
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Arantxa Bonet, Sous Chef, Arakataka, Oslo
ᴅagens - because we believe the world
needs a transparent and resilient food system